GJan – Numbers

GJan - Numbers

Heart breaking like it’s glass
Should’ve seen it coming
I was so naive to trust you

And now I’m seeing you with her
Talking shit, all that same old shit
I fell in love with lies, pretty lies

One, two, three.., it’s not just me
How many girls tonight gave YOU their number?
One, two, three.., oh now I see, yeah
Every girl for you is just a number

Ring, ring
My phone lights up with your name on it
No more games, I quit
Ring, ring
Keep on calling, I’m not answering
Ring, ring

I had to let you go
Cause I understood
It wasn’t a thing
It wasn’t real

I still remember all your words
But they don’t sing to me anymore
I’m moving up, I’m moving on

No one ever broke my heart like this
Just so you know, I’m over it
No one ever broke me like you did
But baby I’m over it

Oh, you won’t make a fool of, won’t make a fool of me

5 / 5. 1